About Postcards from Bedland

Life from bedland (sounds like bedlam) began ten years ago after my nervous breakdown. more affectionately, the "cubby," is my safe place. sometimes, the cubby is a couch. when i stand in a crowded room the cubby is a corner.

my visits to bedland come and go.much of the last year of my life has been lived from a bed. there have been times filled with work, college and active care for my fellow man; but they are punctuated by times when i cannot lift a hand to help myself. basically, bedland is where i travel to when any amount of excitement or stress is simply too much.

i am 36 and currently living in indianapolis, indiana with my boyfriend david and our two kittens: ralphie waldo emerson and princess teacup.

i have been diagnosed for bipolar ii (rapid cycling with mixed states), and the following disorders: dissociative identity, post traumatic stress,  borderline personality, and anxiety. i also have, at times, experienced mania in the form of hyper-graphia and hyper-sexuality. 

my deepest longing is to leave bedland permanently to become a more present part of my community through volunteering or by just shaking things up. 

for now, this little cubby will do nicely. 

most of my notes here will be thoughts on my own progression through recovery. because mental illness can be intolerably isolating, i am using the social sites: tumblr, face book, and twitter to help me feel less alone and to reach out to others who, like myself, struggle for mental health. perhaps sharing my journey will comfort someone as it helps me to understand my own truths.

be well and keep up the good fight!

~shannon marie